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How To Delete Gmail Account using Gmail App on IPads/ IPhone?

This blog piece will walk you through the entire procedure process about How To Delete Gmail Account directly from your app on mobile phone. If you are one of those who are using IPad or Iphone device, please use the following instructions because the instructions are a bit complicated. Here, you might face some problems with the deletion process due to some technicality but you don’t need to take worry about anything as you can take guidance from the experts available at the closest disposal to help you out.

Here Is The Process Of Removing Your Google Email Account From Gmail App Available On IPads:

  • In order to delete Google email account directly from the Gmail app on Iphone app, you need to open the Gmail Application on your very first step towards to account deletion.
  • Once you have entered into your account, click three horizontal lines (menu button) which will be appeared in the top left side on your Iphone screen.
  • On your third step, go to Menu page opt for the Email account in the top left.
  • Move to the Accounts pane where you will have to make sure your Google email account is highlighted, then opt for the Remove option.
  • Confirm and click on Remove in order to finish the deletion process completion in a successful manner.

You're done now!

Besides, take help if stuck anywhere with the above given procedure. In addition, you can also take more information about How To Delete Gmail Account by just taking a quick visit to our website at anytime you want.

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